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About us


This is a story of how we created the most unique posters ever



In August of 2020, after saving about a thousand home decor pins, I decided to give my bedroom a makeover. But one thing led to another and I ended up redoing my entire home.

Got in a new couch, got the paint redone, even changed the floor tiles. But something still felt undone. My home looked new but not good.

My years of googling experience had failed me.

Nevertheless, I stuck through and I stumbled upon one key aspect.

It's all in the walls chico!

Walls. That's where your eyes go first when you enter a room. In architectural terms, it's the focal point of the room. All those decor inspirations I had saved, had really incredible wall decor.

But I didn't want just plain old frames, and most wall decor products that came up were flashy, golden-finished, and unreasonably priced pieces. Which reminded me that I was also on a budget.

Hope seemed lost until I stumbled upon the concept of Collage Kits. A wall full of beautifully designed posters.


Well no one was selling it and I knew with my design skills I could create one and so I did.

And it turned out incredible. I loved it, my mom loved it (surprisingly) & my friends loved it !

I got a great dopamine high with all this.  No kidding!  Most people who saw this asked me where did I get it from. Many people asked me to create this for them too.

Which leads to the obvious next step of this story. Let's turn this into a business!

And just like that I did. Designed a few more collage kits set up a website and came up with a super cool name that most people can't pronounce.

and Voila FROHEYO was born.

It's been a while since all those things happened and when I look back I see how far I've come. Actually, it's a "we" now as we have a solid team behind the coolest posters out there. 

We're now in thousands of homes. It makes my heart full. Never in the world, I thought I would end up selling posters, but I am glad I did.

I believe we're solving a problem and making an impact

by turning boring walls into masterpieces

but more than that we're enabling people to express themselves uniquely with their walls in their homes.

And we will continue to do so by creating more unique posters & incredible new categories of wall art (more on that later) . . . .