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Outcast - Mini Kit
Outcast - Mini Kit
Outcast - Mini Kit
Outcast - Mini Kit
Outcast - Mini Kit

designed by Nandita Raj

Outcast - Mini Kit

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 (Get our wall safe tape for easy setup) 

The world needs to accept, the world needs to listen, the world needs to change!


We are a group of rebellious souls, dreamers, and visionaries on a mission to thrash the noise the world has thrown at us. We are what the world calls us, the Outcasts!

Brimming with rogue art, daring messages, and bloody reds these posters symbolize that inner voice within you. The Outcast kit is a revolution in the shape of art.

Mini kits are perfect to style up any small space. That idle wall over your workspace, or that corner next to your cupboard, or even above your bed. 

Each kit includes a total of 15 posters. Which consists of photos handpicked by us from photographers around the world & our original artwork.

In the Mixed set, you get 10 A5 sized & 5 A4 sized posters. All posters are printed on high-quality 170 gsm matte finish paper.

Each poster is well-edited to match the color and tones to that of the others in the kit, therefore you can arrange them in any order as you like.

 How to set up?

-Roll small tape pieces & stick them behind each poster.
-Now stick this poster to the wall.
- Do this with all the posters. 

(Leave spaces between each, stick them side by side or even overlap them, it’s all up to you)

& voila it's ready for you and your friends to admire.

We recommend using masking tape, scotch tape, or blue painter's tape.

P.S. You don’t have to visit our website for instructions again as we have included an instructions card in the kit.

Combine them with other mini kits or our other awesome poster sets, to create an incredibly unique wall.


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